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Friday, June 24, 2011

Teen Drama Needs Help,like, NOW!!

Teen Drama
By Rynelle& Nurse Belle

   Teen Drama Vs Total Drama. Usa Vs Canada.
    Teen Drama is a highly entertaining, and educational show that can litterly make other shows(Like Total Drama) bounce from #1 to #0. There's new Characters and everything! It even gives a glimps of stars, Like Khloe Spearrs and James Knotts.(2 reporters from the hit show, D.R.A.M.A)
     There's even a new host and cohost, The brand new host is Rynelle Christina Randolph. She's a spunky,36yr that can go nuts sometimes. As for the CoHost,she's a lot more crazy that Chef( although, something might happen between them, hmmmmmmm)Her name is Nurse Ashley Rose Belle.
     We REALLY  need new contsetants!!!Will you Became one of them?!Our last contestants strangely dissapered,and we need to get new ones.

                     Rules & Regulations

  •  You MUST have a parent's signiture(unless your 18+)
  •   Needs to live in/around Ravenswood,WV
  • Send a picture of you and character,your URL,phone,and a paragraph on why you should be a contestant to
  •   Must be an ORIGINAL character!!!

now, Come on!!! if we want to launch the show by August 2011, we'll need contestants,so start on it!!!!:)

Hope to see(call) you!!!:) have fun!!!
    -Nurse Belle
Good luck to you all! Beware of the doctors Rath!!!!
      -Rynelle Randolph

Ps:if you are chosen,Nurse belle will call you. Good Luck!!

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