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Saturday, July 2, 2011

*blink*late night bites

(Eric and Trevor are Wondering around an old grave,when suddenly,they see a slim figure "fly" past them)
Eric:Is That A Vampire?!?!(Whimpers)
Trevor:Yea Dude,Idont know,but dude,she's pretty hot !!
Eric:(confused)How did you know She wasn't a he??
(Vampire attacks Eric playfully)
Vampire:just because I'm a vamp., dosen't mean you can snoop around at night and.....
Vampire(whispering to eric):He's an idiot,isn't he??
Eric:(Whispering) Yes,he is,now get off me
Vampire:(gets off of eric and looks offened)Well,(flashes fangs) good bye for now
(Vampire turns invisable)
Eric:hmmmm,agian,how' d you know that the vamp-
(Vampire appers next to Trevor)
Vampire:Hi Trevor
Trevor:Hi Bellie,how u doin
(Bellie vanishes)
Bellie:you tell me
(two days laterTrevor and Eric are at a fast food restarant,eating, when a slim figure "flys" past them agion)
Bellie: Trevor,vhere are you?

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