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Thursday, October 6, 2011


List of The Edward & Rodney Show episodes

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[edit] Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginal air date
Season premiereSeason finale
120October 8, 2011February 11, 2012
220June 2, 2012TBA

[edit] Season 1: 2011-2012

Episode #Episode TitleAir DateProduction code
1"The Perfect Duo"October 8, 2011101
Rodney starts his first game show, but Edward wonders what will happened if the show doesn't go as he hoped. 
2"Tools of Destruction"October 15, 2011102
Edward brought home the most dangerous weapons in the world. Right after he set them in the table, Rodney tried the weapons themselves, but ends up destroying the city. 
3"Rodney Goes Commando"October 22, 2011103
Rodney goes to the commando school and learns how to be a dictator, but when he tries to lead a war, he calls in Ken Shepard to help him out. 
4"The Ottawa Games"October 29, 2011104
Edward, Rodney, and their friends compete in the Ottawa Games, but when a huge storm hits through, one of them has to survive the final race. 
5"Edward and Rodney in Transylvania"October 31, 2011105
Edward and Rodney took a wrong turn when they were going to Switzerland and ended up in a vampire infested facility in Transylvania, where Edward gets chased by Bellie Crosswire and her freinds for what he said to her online. Rodney laughs as Bellie's boyfreind, spikeman(who looks similar to Trevor Troublemeyer) Attacks him. 
6"Meditation Skills"November 5, 2011106
Since Rodney has a habit for mindless destruction, Edward has no choice but to send him to therapy and teach him how to control his habits. 
7"Mindless Talent"November 12, 2011107
8"Friday Night Grease"November 19, 2011108
9"The Smell of Thanksgiving"November 26, 2011109
10"Saturday Night is All Right for Rodney"December 3, 2011110
11"Robots Among Us"December 10, 2011111
12"Edward's Secret Life"December 17, 2011112
13"Once Upon a Rodney"December 24, 2011113
14"The Revenge of The Teenage Vampires"December 31, 2011114
15"Have You Seen The News?"January 7, 2012115
16"Who's Your Genius?"January 14, 2011116
17"The Edward We See Today"January 21, 2012117
18"All 4 One"January 28, 2012118
19"Driven Off The Wall"February 4, 2012119
20"The Greatest Cruise"February 11, 2012120

[edit] Season 2: 2011-2012

Episode #Episode TitleAir DateProduction code
1"Snow Leopard in the House"June 2, 2012201
A Snow Leopard went on the loose at a zoo, and Edward keeps it for a pet, but when Rodney was in charge of it,

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