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Monday, May 21, 2012

Okay, so I haven't been on here for awhile...but what should you expect from a rising artist and writer? Anywase, the other chapers are:


Chapter 3

“So, he loved you…to death?” Brandon asked hesitantly, taking a sip of his coffee.  She nodded and gripped her latte lightly,

“Yeah, but it’s not…um…what…” she stuttered, her face turning pink. He laughed, but his face turned serious quickly,

“I’m not trying to be rude, but what’s it like to die?” She sighed and put her latte down, not realizing that she was dead,

“What do you mean, ‘what’s it like to die?’ I’m not dead….” Brandon sighed sadly, for as he knew why she didn’t seem to know that she was deceased… He put his hand on his forehead,

“I hate to break it to you, but you really are dead…” she cried a bit, but then straightened up,

“He always says that death couldn’t separate us…” He just smiled,

“W, where you two…married?” She laughed, her laugh sounding a lot like a hyena,

“No, No. He just got divorced from his 34th wife when he found me…or more likely, I found him…” He smiled, but was very confused,

“What do you mean 34th wife? Was he a…”  She nodded, knowing what he was hinting at. She laughed again, making two girls stare at her. She looked at them,

“Got a problem?” she asked politely to the two, popular girls who were on labtops. The blonde one huffed at her,

“Yeah, you blue freak, you’re obnoxious.” She smiled, a twinkle of evil shown in her chocolate eyes,

“And you’re a blonde dumba**, but you don’t see me guise, do you?” Brandon took Heaven’s arm in fright,

“Don’t make them mad, girl! Those were the most popular girls in my college!” She laughed,

“And probably the dumbest…” Heaven retorted with loud emphases on dumbest.  The black haired girl snored and growled at her,

“Freak! You look like the undead!” She yelled at her, clearly irritated. Heaven laughed, which made Brandon yelp in surprise. Heaven’s voice became demonic and evil,

“Honey,” she said, her voice extremely frightening,” you have met the undead before and I don’t think you want to piss them off…” Both girls began to back away, then the blonde one dived under the table,

“Mayfield, I think we should leave them alone…” Mayfield laughed,

“She’s faking! I know it. Duh.” Heaven came up to her and touched her, Heaven’s skin colder than dry ice. Mayfield winced in pain, and then took off running and screaming like a girl in a horror film. The blonde girl, who name nobody knew, began to shake underneath the table, crying. Heaven sighed, knowing how this girl felt, and turned back into herself,

“I’m sorry…I get angry sometimes and I can’t control it…” She helped up the girl,”So...Ummm,” The girl sighed,

“Jerti…mynameisjerti…” she said quickly.(this chaper isn't even close to finished, so shut it)

To be continued...


Alrighty, if my computer gets faster by tommorow...then I'll post alittle somethin' somethin', okay? If I don't, that's 'cause of school...

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