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Thursday, July 12, 2012

THings got alittle out of hand in june and july

Okay, well I am deeply sorry that I pleep forgetting to post stuff here, but really! I saved up enoph to buy a labtop for myself, I now have 2'000 veiws, plese visit that site, I'm ALWAYS THERE!! Anywase, I'm pretty busy. I'm going into the ninth grade soon so I gotta study hard...thinking about taking chemistry...Oh, and before I forget, I made a show, The fans of Jeff if your a fan of him...or you just wanna be a cartoon, go to TFOJD-show on and become a member, then make a character that is realted or crushing on the Posse and there you go...:D I never thought that doing that would be easy, but it is...we have 3 already OC's(Original Characters):
-Brighty:A tomboyish Neko that despizes Walter and <3's Peanut
-Izzy the demon-An evil woman that fights with Brighty somethimes and has a sweet side that only her boyfreind, Achmed sees...
-Taylor-A newbie that gets irratated alot by Izzy.

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