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Friday, August 17, 2012

High School. Crewl Prank or Fun?

Before I talk about this video, I need to do one thing. My bff, Oliva, is going off to college or something and I just wanna say:


Okay, here's something for my dance class that my teacher REALLY needs. I really like to perform this, IF my peoples work hard hard....

My favorite teacher?? Mr. Bender!!! Of course!!Alright, I'm talking to you Mr. Bender right now. Here's the script for Theradre(can't spell worth a lick, but hey, you get me, right?)
Body Squared
Episode 1

(Theme song plays as Muscle and Skully walk down the audience and pick a person per Host/Cohost. The two contestantsThe two contestants walk to the two, light blue podeums whist Skully and Muscule go to Their podeums, which are lighted a light purple. Skully laughs)
Skully: Hello everyone! I'm Scully-
Muscules: And I'm muscule-
Skully: And Thisis, Body squared. A real life verson of Health Royale...down at the Claycenter, at charelston, WV.
Muscule: Now, who do we have...who did we pick to be our contestants this time?( Intos the contestants)Okay...I like that name_________....
Skully: Stop flurting...We have to introduce our people from the body...Please help me introduce The Royal beuty, Queen Intestine...
(Queen Intestine walks up to her squareplace and, smiles at Skully,her theme song playing softly in the backround)
Queen Intestine: (brittish accent)Jolly good day, Ms. Skully.
Skully:(blushes) Hi Queen...let's introduce one of the most beutyful girls here....other than me....(laughs, then watches Hot Lips come to her squareplace,her theme song playing alittle louder)
Hot Lips:(blonde-like) heyyy girl
Skully: Your wearing too much lipstick...agian
Hot lips:(laughs) Ahhh Skully, just like old times...(smiles) And here comes Mr.P...
(Mr.P swaggers into his squareplace, and glares at Muscules,bopping along to his song, loudly playing)
Mr.P: Yo Dawg, Waddup?
Muscles: W,what?
Mr.P: (rap music plays, Mr.P starts rapping)Yo Dog, I'm mista P, I'm the pancrease, yo, whatcha gonna see?Yo, She's he's male,, he's never used a cart to go shop-in, yo, his name is coach heart, and he's popin and lockin with Jo!
(Coach Heart comes out, running, and almost falls out of his squareplace, his theme song playing fast)
Skully: Nice rapping, Mr.P. Who's Jo?And Hey Coach, why were you running?
Coach Heart: I'm a coach, girl.
Scully: (laughs nervously) heh, right...okay, here's the two funniest people that are close to my bones, Funny bone and Pelvis...
(They both dance up to they're squareplaces with they're songs)
Funny Bone:Hey suga...
Pelvis:(like Elvis) Heah heyy
Scully: Well, they're is 3 more people I'd like to intordic you to...
Muscule: Mrs. Lung, Brain, and Mr. Nose...
(Skully glares at Muscule as those three go into their squareplace, all of their theme songs mushed together badly)
Mrs.Lung:Hello darling
Brain: It is very compatible that enjoy being on this program, 99% of-
Mr.Nose: Shut up, Brain. And, hello.
Scully:Okay, now that everyone is introduced,let's get this game started...okay contestants, I will ask a question to ONE of the board members, and whoever beeps the buzzer first gets to do the question.I will then ask the question, and the person will answer it. Then, you eather agree or disagree. If your right, you get the squareplace, if not, then you don't. The first person to get a tic-tac-toe on the board wins...or the one with the most squareplaces wins. You ready?
Muscles:Yeah, lets get going.
Scully: Okay, the first question is for Hot Lips...
Hot Lips: really?(bats eyelashes) I'm honored
Scully: (sighs, then reads flashcards) Here's a multiple choice question: Roughly two-and-a-half million teenagers don't know:A.What beer tastes like.  B.That you can die from an alcohol overdose.
C.That you can buy alcohol with a fake ID OR D.That wine has a stronger alcohol content than beer.
Hot Lips: umm, I'd say...(twarls hair with finger)...ummm, C?
(Players 1 or 2 answers first)
Scully: So, do you agree or Disagree?
(outcome A(disagree):)
Scully:Absolutely. There are 2.6 million teens who don't know you can
die from an overdose of too much alcohol.
Do you know one of them?You get the squareplace!
(outcome 2,agree)
Muscle: Oh, I'm sorry. But your wrong...the real answer was B....
Scully: Okay...the next question is to....
Mr.P: Yo! It betta be me!
Scully: Okay! Okay....this isn't choice...Okay, say that you went scateboarding off a plane at 2'000 above land and landed without any protection, and broke all of your bones(shutter) How many would that be?
Mr.P: YO! That'd be 500, right yo?
(outcome A, disagree)
Scully: Yep, there isn't 500 bones in the body, only, yeah, you get the squareplace...
(Other Questions are to:
1.Hot Lips
-The two holes in your nose are called?...he says Nose holes...:/ hes an idiot...the answer is nostrils...
4.Queen Intestine
-What is the name of the long pipe that shifts food from the back of your throat down to your stomach?,she says!
5.Coach Heart
-How many hours of daily physical activity do you need? He says an hour...he's right.
6.Funny Bones
-The innermost part of bones contains what? She laughs and tells this joke,
*her: Knock knock
skully: (sighs) Whos there
her: Skelly
skully: Skelly who?
Her: Skelly TON! *laughs *
she says blood...which is's bone marrow.
7.The Brain:
-What's the largest part of the brain...he says the'Very complex, very flexable cerabellum...' and like always, he is right
8.Mrs. Lung:
True or false: Smoking causes cancer and can kill your lungs. She gasps and says true....she is right.
-What is the name of the substance that gives skin and hair its pigment? He touches his hair and askes her if she's trying to warn him of something, but then says hair dye...and he's wrong. Melanin is the correct answer...)

AT the end:
Scully: So, who won?
Muscles: Well...(sums up who has what)
Scully: So ____________won?            
Muscles: Yup
Scully: Congrats ________!! You won the very first game of Body Squared!!
Hot Lips: So what does it get?
Scully: What?
Mr.P: what does _______ get for winning?
Scully: The knolage of health and also gets to say that it beat _________ at a game show...good job!!
(Everyone claps as the two contestants go back to their seats)
Scully: So...thats the show....
Funny Bone: One more joke?
Scully: Fine, what?
Funny Bone: Knock Knock
Scully: Who's there??
Funny Bones: HESHOW
Scully: Heshow who?
Funny Bones: It's da end of Ehshow! Good bye everyone!!
Scully: That's not funny!!
(Theme music plays as each one goes behind the curtian, a different song playing as each one leaves)

:D You likey, Mr. Bender? Well, its my own. The blanks are for the names...

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