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Friday, February 17, 2012

Evil ways is FINNALLY done!

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  • Evil Ways
    By: Heaven Kent


    This is a story about 8 evil geniuses that fall in love with each other. Wait, that's boring, isn't it? Let me grab a minion to describe them. Heaven  smiles at the mini minion.
    "Dudette, what's up? Labratt's tinkering in the garage again."  Heaven smiles,
    "I kinda forgot how ESL begins. Could you please tell me?"
    The minion  frowned,
    "Whatever. ESL stands for Evil ScullZ League and they met when a Spiky haired, lab coat wearing, Metal clawed girl named Professor Labratt blew up Heromart. Superhero 8  was in there going,
    "Should I buy the 'glory-glazed' or the 'judging-jelly- dounuts…"  When she and Vanessa  blew it x100 bigger than normal. It started with them, then Pinkk, Then Labratt made Catapocolypes."
    "Can you please tell the story?"
    "Yea, why not?" said the minion with a certain swagger . Heaven just glared at him with disgust.

    Chapter 1

    Professor Labratt  was, once again, having trouble with her latest doomsday devise in the garage. Small parts are harder to tighten with sharp, metal claws clinging to every magnetic thing . A small, petite figure with a tight, pink/black jumpsuit and a tall figure with a purple army outfit causally walk in.  The smallest one is easily getting impatient with every second going by,
    "Lab- ratt! Can I PLEASE test it now? How about Now? Please? Now?  Hmm?" Labratt was quickly getting annoyed,
    "Vanessa. Pinkk . What have I told you about the exceedingly unstable hardware?  I don't care if you two gaze, but PLEASE don't push the-"Vanessa pushed a blinking red button, hard. A large and powerful explosion knocked Pinkk through the garage door and unto the cemented driveway with a loud thunk. Labratt hacked, "…Red button…" and begin to asphyxiate the blood  imminent out of her leg.

    Chapter 2

    Red Menace, Doktor Frogg, and Voltar  are walking Doomageddon when a large and very powerful explosion surges through the neighborhood and flings a girl with a purple army suit through the garage and unto the cemented driveway with a loud thunk. Then, from the house came bickering,
    "Oh, so you think it was MY liability?!"
    "Well, of course! You trouble me when you persist to ram buttons I straightforwardly told you not to even touch! Why do you think-"Red  Menace ran up to the girl in the driveway with deep concern,
    " Miss? Miss? Are you alright? D, do you need medical help?" The girl coughed loudly,
    "N, no I deal with this almost e, everyday. And my name ain't 'miss', It's Pinkk, Pinkk Hench girl ." Red, after looking at the smoke creeping out of the garage, yelled at the others,
    "Hey you guys, go see if the others need assistance!"  Frogg and Voltar ran in to see that the arguing had subsided and the two girls where in the choking position, on their knees. A sea of black flame appeared with a cat , clearly please that the dispute had stopped quickly.
    "Green handle…Green Handle…" The taller girls begin to chant wretchedly. Frogg  raced over and pulled down the green handle. Both of the girls sighed in immediate relief.

    "Yes, I-"Both girls malformed in amass on the dusty, garage floor. Frogg, smiled with utter glee as he helped up the girl with a lab coat,
    "What are you, some kind of psychotic mad scientist?" She smiled mischievously ,
    "And what was your transparent, rogue name?" She spit fire like a snake with venom. He smiled torridly,
    "Doktor Frogg. And may I say… you have a very wicked sense of translations. What is your name?"  She grinned teasingly. She could be a tumultuous as she wanted and he wouldn't be the least provoked. She, dissimilar to Pinkk, always has her shield up, always. 
    "I am, of course, the nefarious Professor Labratt." Pinkk and the others begin to clean up what remained of the garage. About 3 hours ( and 3000 trash bags ) later, the garage  looks just like new (except  without a garage door)  Pinkk offered the other's lunch( it was almost 3:30pm at that time) for a reward for their grueling exertion they helped them with. The others glowingly recognize with self-importance.

    Chapter 3

    "No! How's that even POSIBLE?!" Labratt said appallingly as she chatted with Doktor Frogg about how many times that Frogg and she was electrocuted.  He just smiled and laughed,
    "Yes! And over 240'000 hertz came through my body …" and they continued their conversation. Doomageddon appeared in a green portal type flame and begin to tease Frogg extremely enthusiastic as Labratt watched aghast .  After about 5 minutes, Doomie was getting very jaded with the mauling and transferred to the couch. He rolled over and fell sound like the dead. Labratt was horrified to the point of despair,
    "Professor, you can call me Frogg."
    "Fine, Whatever, Frogg!  Why did you let such a ghastly creature hassle you like that?!" Catapocolypes slithered to the kitchen and inaudibly stood behind Frogg, then snorted loud and deep. Frogg looked up at the ceiling fan and smacked head first into the wall. Labratt cracked up and helped Doktor Frogg. He groaned. Voltar, after much consideration, began,
    "The League of Super Evil must go! We have a VERY important meeting now ." Red menace whined,
    "Do we HAVE to?" Voltar nodded. Catapocolypes showed them the door while flirting with Doomageddon.

    Chapter 4

    Exactly when Catapocolypes shut the door, Vanessa began to telling off Pinkk,
    "PINKK! How many times do I have to say it? NO accepting help from other Villains! We… Just…ugh! Never mind! Why'd you let those LOSEr's  in?!" Labratt tried to change the subject,
    "Well, we wouldn't be in this chaos if you didn't push the self-destruct button…" Vanessa, clearly bothered, ran into her room and slammed the door, HARD.
    "First the explosion, now this?! Ugh, Pinkk, where's the pain pills?!" Pinkk finally finished the dishes and dried her hands nervously,
    "I think in the office. Hey, could you not tell Vanessa that I think that Red guy was really charming?" Labratt stared at her in confusion,
    "As long as you don't tell her that I think that Doktor frog was endearing …" Pinkk Smirked,
    "I KNEW IT!! You guys totally had Zymrurgyology!" Labratt's face whet from relived to confused in a second,
    "Zymrurgyology?  I think you mean Chemistry. Zymrurgyology is the study of Plant fermentation…."
    Pinkk fell asleep as Labratt yammered on about the solar system to Zodiac Meanings .

    Chapter 5

    When the boys got home, Voltar began to reprimand   Red,
    "RED! What was that? What are we now, Superheroes ?!"
    Frogg tried to change the subject,
    "Superhero's? No, No. But, I did like that "Labratt" girl. She's very immoralist…"Voltar finally began to think,
    "Well, they could be a great asset to the League of Super Evil. With a Vampire, she could torture Steve…"He Grinned,
    "Also, with a supernatural and Ghost we could run everybody outta town !" Red was eager to get to work on the project. Frogg was skeptic,
    "Voltar. How are WE going to induce four malevolence girls to join without ANY means of psyche power ?" Voltar smiled with a plan,
    "With a eat out…" Red looked at him quizzily,
    "Like a blind date?" Voltar blushed with embarrassment,
    "No!  Uh, like a lunch in or something…" Frogg spit toxin,
    "Oh, Lemme guess, Villaynes ?! Remember how well THAT twisted absent?!" Voltar was steaming with anger,
    "We'll make a reservation…RED! You call them. Frogg and I will go ask the girls 9 hrs before, which would be…" Red glowed with joy,
    "9:00pm!! This is AWSOME!!"

    Chapter 6

    "Ok Minions , if this does work, all of you get a vacation. If it doesn't, or explodes, then no vacation until it works." said Labratt to her tiny minions. One of the minions started to break-dance. Labratt blushed,
    "No, doesn't-"A knock on the door made the minion mess up while doing the worm. It slammed its head onto the machine, knocking it over, spilling a beaker of Heliumite  unto another. The other minion began to float high up into the sky. Labratt sighed,
    "Good Evil, Not again. Be right back to cure Olli of his… floatability…I deduce?"  She ran to the door thinking
    'It's probably the mayor, trying to bust us for something'
    She opened the door to see Doktor Frogg and Voltar dressed up with a bouquet of flowers. She was Skeptic,
    "Yes?" Frogg blushed with clear embarrassment,
    "W, w, w, whould you and the girls," He stammered," –Like to go out to eat with us." She looked at him,
    "Uh sure," Her machine blew up , making smoke fills her figure,"Yea, considering that my machine just blew up, yea…" She closed the door,
    "Girls were going on a date!!"

    Chapter 7

    "Bonjoir  Jules. We have a reservation…" Jules gawked at Labratt,
    "Uh, yes madam. Table for eight, I presume?" Labratt and the others followed Jules LeSimion to a large table with a black top. Everyone sat down and gave him their order. Labratt, being a mad scientist, pulled out her data notebook and began to chat with Doktor Frogg on how Pinkk confused Chemistry with Zymurgyology, and how low her brainwaves really are. After a while, Voltar got impaction,
    "Labratt, Look up! Frogg, that also means you too."
    They both looked up in sync, just to accidentally lock eyes with each other . Both turned redder than an apple and looked down again, to embarrassed to say anything. After a big dialogue on why Voltar dressed up Frogg as a Bandango, The complimentary rolls appeared in the hands of a Ninja Waiter . The waiter set down the rolls and stared at Labratt with awe.
    "What ? Are you jealous?" Vanessa said with pride. The waiter blushed and vanished with a smoke bomb. Doktor Frogg and Professor Labratt reached for the rolls for the same time, just for their mechanical claws to touch. Both of their faces blushed with clear awkwardness. Labratt stood up,
    "I…uh…Sorry, I didn't plan that, at all …" She laughed fearfully and ran out the door, to wherever. Catapocolypes and Doomageddon inwards together, with yellow and black mixing with certain evilness, and nuzzled each other. Then, vanished. Vanessa and Voltar began to reprimand Frogg, not noticing that he was already gone, drug out by Doomie .

    Chapter 8

    "And, I mean, come on! I'm a mad Scientist, not Cupid…" Said Labratt worryingly.
    "Labratt…my evil descendant…oh never mind. Do you really wanna come home to France ?" Vanessa came storming into Labratt's room, clearly mad.
    "LABRATT!! What was THAT?!" Labratt sighed,
    "I'm gonna have to call you back, Percy …" "What?"
    "What happened back in Villanynes?!" Vanessa growled. Labratt sighed,
    "Do you even know what REALLY happened?"
    "Well, yea. You and Frogg held claws, and then you ran off…"
    "It was more than that… I, I can't explain it. But, when I held claws with him…Something came over me… it wasn't bad, like normal…It was g, g, g, good …"
    Vanessa gasped at the announcement.
    "Pinkk and I had the same feelings!" Labratt stood,
    "And this is why," she grabbed her car keys and her suitcases,
    "I'm going home…Tell Pinkk I'm sorry for the...Overdue vision …"
    An overdue vision means leaving forever and never coming back…

    Chapter 9

    "FRANCE?! She's going to France ?" Frogg said with sadness,
    "I'm… yea, she's going for and emergency…Could you hand the phone to Voltar?" Frogg was just quivering,
    "W, w, w, why? And why do you want Voltar?!"
    He shoved the phone into Voltar's tiny hands and went to the yard outside . Red came outside,
    "What's wrong?"
    Voltar came out of the house,
    "FROGG! RED!! We have a new mission! Everyone in the V- mobile !!"
    Red looked at him,
    "Mission? What-"
    "Don't question me, Red !"

    Chapter 10

    "What have I gotten myself into ?" Labratt questioned herself as she grabbed her passport and ticket. The V-mobile veered into the Airport's parking lot, leaving 4 skid marks as everyone got out and ran in.   Doktor Frogg grabbed Labratt by the shoulder. She yelped,
    "A little grabby eh, Superhero 8 ?" He turned her around,
    "Superhero 8?" He questioned. She began to squirm,
    "Frogg, My family-"He kissed her keenly and calmly on the lips. They both blushed, their faces crimson like holly berry.
    "Frogg, I-"Frogg frowned,
    "You are staying right? And if you leave, may we come? Or, at least, me ?" She grimaced,
    "I…I could possibly just call or Video chat with them…"
    Everyone smiled. Pinkk and Red's hands held together, Voltar and Vanessa's love burning like a black flame .
    Labratt laughed happily,
    "Well, this was an Evil ever after, wasn't it ?"

    Chapter 11

    "Or is it?" The minion laughed hysterically. Heaven looked at him, scared.
    "What do you mean,' or is it?'"  The minion sighed without dignity,
    "Well, Labatt didn't say that at the end and there's more to the story then that."  Heaven thwaped him on the head,
    "Well then, tell me the rest of the story. Idiot." He stumbled backwards,
    "Fine fine. Yesh." And rubbed the side of his head that was hit.

    Chapter 12

         Labratt and the crew where finally headed home when Labratt's Phone rang to We Didn't Start the Fire. Frogg finally looked at her,
    "I think someone's calling you." She blushed,
    "No, Someone texted me." She pulled out the Scull-looking Cell Phone. She clicked on one of the messages. The message appeared,
    'Labratt!! Where are you?! I thought you'd be at the FA by now? LY, Percy: 3'
    And another message appeared,
    'LABRATT!! OMG! The Golden scull of Acoulstus is missing!#0#! ~~Caymmor~~
    Labratt red the last one and panicked. Vanessa took one look at Labratt and laughed,
    "What? Did Heromart finally get rebuilt?"
    Labratt's voice was high,

    Chapter 13
    Being electrocuted is almost like hitting your funny bone extremely hard. Now, multiply that by, atlesast a Bazillions and hit it throughout you body. That's nothing to laugh about. That's what Labratt felt as she reached for her phone as her claws where wet. Stupid water.
    "Ugh!" Labratt said as she tried to get up. Her hair was beginning to turn a brunette.
    "Labratt!" Vanessa, Voltar, Frogg, Red, and Pinkk was looking down at her. She gasped, clearly in shock,
    "I, I know where the Golden Scull IS!" Vanessa hopped up and down happily,
    "Yea ya! Wait…Where is it?!" Labratt sighed deeply as Frogg helped her up,
    "It's gonna need a machine to help detect it…Frogg and I will take the responsibility to make it." Pinkk was uneasy,
    "Well then, you two better get to work!'

    Chapter 14

    The Next afternoon…
    Zzzzzz! Zzzzzz! Tzzzzzzzz!
    "I'm guessing Beta and Alpha emissions don't mix easily!" Labratt said, while trying to stabilize the electrodes while Frogg was busy with Nuclear Fission. A loud scream made both scientists slip up, slashing Labratt's side and made a screwdriver forcefully into Frogg's Hand.
    "Frogg-.Don't-." Labratt Fainted. Frogg looked at his bloody hand, his claws were gone. He blacked out..
    "…fog...Bat..." Labratt was slowing coming to.
    "Frogg? Labratt? Oh My God! I'm calling 911!" Lights out. Labratt blacked out as she saw the 60 mm slash from her pelvis to her knee. Blood and Technology was everywhere as the paramedics drove to the hospital.

    Chapter 15
      Frogg was groggy,
    "What? W, where am I ?"' He questioned as he saw the blood bags, the white marble, and heard a voice distant,
    "What? Ok, fine. I'll tell them when they wake up." Frogg was still a little foggy,
    "Where the science is I?" someone groaned loudly. Frogg looked to his left to see Labratt with bandages from her pelvis to her metatarsals. She groaned again, clearly in pain and her claw just barely touched a blood bag. He jus stared at her with a burning passion.  She awoke quickly then groaned,
    "NEWTRONS! Ugh, dull pain! Dull pain!" Her hair was now 20% brunette and 80% grey. She panicked,
    "Frogg! Oh my God, I'm so idiotic! Let's Go!" She tried to get up, but couldn't. A large boom made a book fall from nowhere. The book opened to a page:
    1/0 N + 238/92 U – 239/92 U
    239/92- 239/93 Np+ 0/-1
    239/94Pu+0/-1 E
    Breeder Reactors

    "What the?' Dr. Cox came in furious,
    "WHAT IS THIS?" he screamed. Frogg and Labratt looked at each other,
    "We don't know…" He transformed into an evil looking vampire. Labratt was quickly trying to regenerate, but it was no use. Cox brought out a bronze and gold scull,
    "Looking for this?"

    Chapter 16

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