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Friday, February 17, 2012

A poem for Spikeman Stillard

"It was the trees first"Fredrick tells me
It's raining but the rain is light and warm.
And the sky is not all close to all of us like it gets
sometimes. it's way up there with
some stars showing through
'Early summer sky,' Linsay says,'Almost late.'
And when she says that, I said
Hey Bellie, great title
for a poem, right?"

You've got a
tender heart, Spikeman."

That's what my girlfreind tells me.
I've got a tender heart.
That's bad. A bad thing to have.
And I'm the one who has it.

She chuckled,"
It's not a
bad thing to have
." Fredrick hissed
at her,"Yes, For a hybrid vampire werewolf, it 'tis."
A black rose peeked behind my
back, "Happy Valintines day, my love."
She blushed,"
You do have
A tender heart
." and kissed me.
Hey. Mabie I have to achknolage.
That my tender heart is here.
To stay. for as long
as I live

(ps, The video has nothing to do with this poem, so don't ask.)

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