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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Humanity? Hey..uhm....

I have lost faith in humanity. *sighs* I'm so sorry....I just, this generation has lost respect and everything! What do people not get about speaking face to face if they have a problem? What about being calm? Yes, I understand if your angry, but calm down, and then talk. There's no NEED to go flaming at people or throwing a tantrum...Your a HUMAN BEING! Not an animal! If you don't know how to be calm, then go back to preschool...thanks! Respect is a HUGE Factor! When I was younger, unlike today, I would be scared to talk to older kids, for fear they wouldn't respect younger kids are bulling, insulting, and even hitting and trying to fight them! What happened?!? Did some chemical reaction in their brains mess them up, or-? They need a lesson on what kids of my generation had to do to get their chemicals back in working order...or brain cells...because CLEARLY they don't have any...Kids do DRUGS. I'm talking ten year olds doing Mary-jane! I don't do that stuff because I have expectations! But come on! Seriously?!? Good grace! What happened to America? Somebody please tell me! i honestly don't know! I am not the "pot head', I'm not the 'bad kid', but I have friends. I'm an artist(not the greatest, but still). Kids, if you want to be cool, don't do these stupid things, and just-be-you! ! It's like explaining The principal of thermodynamics to kindergarteners! BE YOURSELF! That's all anyone wants! I should know! I come to school in almost the same thing, sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt...nobody is going to care! Be strong, but don't bully. Be cool, but not to the "cool" people who think their "bad beans" or do drugs. Be cool to the people that you admire, be cool to yourself....if you accept yourself, so will almost everyone! Not everyone is going to like you, and you won't like everyone...that's a promise. But just try and get along, respect the older people, and you'll do just fine in life....
Sorry about that....I kinda went ballistic there, aha.... Some kids did that to me today, and I had to express my feelings about what they did...^^
~The Nurse

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