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Friday, March 15, 2013

Chaos in the univers of Nursebelle23(rant)

Ahh, what a lovely day to be a angry Nurse, huh? You know what is really making me frustrated and angry? Here:
Okay, so Down syndrome is bad right? And yet, people treat them awesome. That's nice. I should know, there's a couple people with "special abilities" at where I go to school at. Anyway, why do the people who had disorders get treated better then the people who are Gay, Lesbian, Questioning, etc? Just curious here. I mean, when people figure out that you have a disorder, your Mrs/Mr. Popular, right? And I have nothing bad to say about that. I promise. But when you come out of the closet, what happens? People treat you differently. WAY DIFFERENTLY. How do I know this? The year before last, one of my friends, *Jake(name change), came out. People teased him badly, and I'm talking like, they pants-ed front of everybody during recess and he moved away. He was a awesome, fun loving, adorable guy. I still miss him...but because some people thought it was just so funny to tease the 'little fat gay guy', i can probably never hang out with him again. What most people think about the people who are in or are trying to -Myth:These people are always checking out everyone, all the time.
Fact: Actually, they don't. Unless they're crushing, they're more focused on talents or hobbies they have. Just thinking that is really being a jerk, because most are funny, or love to be around people(mostly).
-Myth: They think it's funny to be teased about who they are
Fact: Wrong. That's like bulling. The victim likes to be hurt. That's not true. They're human like the rest of us, why not treat them that way? Are you "too Cool" to do that? Seriously? What's your excuse? I really want to hear it. Can they not love the people they do? Are they condemned to 

, be hated amongst everyone? What's going through your mind when you see a Gay couple? What? 

Think about this for a minute: What if it was you?  What if you were teased about something you are? Christian, Buddhist, artist, athlete, anything? How would YOU react? Would you laugh it off? Would you pick a  fight? What if it it was a entire school? Now how would you react? I'd just stand up and be myself...but then again, what if it was bigger....I'm talking County wide.
'gay wad'
'that's so gay'
'you must be one big-'
You get my point, don't you? Now, you might be thinking 'Pssffftt, I'd just ignore them.' well, I know you couldn't...Not an entire county, nor a state. Not by yourself anyways...Honestly, I'd be scared. Nobody would treat you the same when you come out. Everyone would think that your 'Gay' or 'stupid'. But I have a 3.0 GPA, and I'm a great artist...what then. Everyone would still treat me differently...would treat you differently too. All of your female girls(Girls) would think that your always looking at their butts or boobs, and guys, your guy friends would probably shy away from you.

I have a challenge for you. Now this isn't your normal challenge,  were you 'find your way out of a maze' or 'try to spot the red in the green'. This is one challenge that will change your whole perspective on humans and the way that they behave:
I challenge you to sit down with somebody who IS Gay, or something like that, and talk to them. Don't say 'I heard your gay' or something, just hold a normal conversation and hang out with them for a week. Just one. See what they go through in a week. All the teasing, jokes, and even what they do. I bet that this will not be the last time you'll see them, and you'll really change their life. don't be all concrete hearted on this and be like,'hey' and keep it neutral. Treat them you would your best friend...I promise you that you won't regreat this if you do it and put your heart and soul into it.

 I'm off.,Thank you for all that has been following me for a LONG time! More posts to come!
BTW, go say Hi to the best and coolest person I know: Dave Pressler! he's the coolest person because not only is he a great artist, but he's a great person too! He doesn't ignore his fans, nor does he think he's too popular to be gushed over by them(me included).

I'm out!
~The Nurse 

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