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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Virtual Surgeries, Sharing some Art, new story, and updates

Virtual Surgeries:

I found great surgery games...:3 Because I'm the Nurse, and I like stuff
like that. Why? Because you can sit in an operation room and work on
people without the dangers of killing people, Here's my opinions on
those sites, some of the surgeries you can perform, and possibly the
:bulletred: My most Favorited Sites that I like doing things with:bulletred:
#1:Ed Heads
#2:Surgery Squad
#3:COSI Life(not a game, place)
#4: an Australian game-Heart Surgery

:bulletred:#1:Ed Heads:

   Ed heads is a great learning experience because not only do they
have surgeries, they have science, criminal investigation, and others. I
think my favorite has to be the Crime Scene investigation(to which you
see the accident, report, talk to others, and find the data), the
liposuction/boob job things(to which, BTW, I am not NOT FUCKING GETTING.
I recommend doing those if you want to have it done. You'll change your
mind quick fast and in a hurry). I must warn you though, some of the
animation, which by the way is smooth, and to the point, is extremely
graphic and for some of the weaker stomachs out there I don't recommend
doing this Breast
Cancer(even I couldn't do that one the first time. Trust me, it's not
hard, but...yeash! details weren't spared.)Why? Because if you've done
the surgery, you know what I mean when I say taking out one or both of
the breasts in the woman is pretty graphic, even for me. You slice off
the actual breast(s) themselves, and I feel bad now for the people who
do get the surgeries.
:bulletorange: #2: Surgery Squad:
all you medical geeks out there, including myself, the name is a
comforting and fun spin. Again, graphic as crap though. Surgery Squad
 website's creators have programmed not one, but multiple virtual
surgeries including virtual gastric bypass, virtual tonsillectomy,
virtual hair transplant and much more. I honestly think if you do a
couple, you'll think twice about getting things like tattoos or drinking
alcohol. This website is more for the patient awareness than anything
and if you want to know what happens when your knocked out cold by the
anesthetic, you should play this or the above website. Yes, the doctors,
like Dr. Jeff, are on hand to give you tips and to walk you through the
surgeries. One of the more disturbing/interesting ones I've done is the
ingrown toenail. It is pretty graphic, and I did learn that your not
suppose to take out the toenail by yourself, or it could lead to
infection, or worse. I felt remorse for the guy with the toe, but I knew
it was all fake. The animation is smooth and believable, and it feels
as if your really in the OR(Operating Room).
:bulletyellow:#3: COSI Life:
health isn't actually a video game, it's in COSI:the Center of Science
and Industry which is in Columbus,Ohio. I haven't been there myself but
the reviews are spectacular. One of the interesting details of the
museum is the Virtual Heart surgery. I've been surfing the web, and
actually the game is on their website! It's more a virtual simulation,
then anything, but actually you will have to interact with the things.
There's more to COSI though then just the health...there's inventions
galore(Robot from RnM would Freak out), Ocean, Space, almost anything is
possible at COSI. Hopefully I can go eventually, and If I do, I will
try and take pictures. COSI reminds me of the the Clay Center, in
Charelston, Wv. Why? Because both have Water, Health, and Invention
exhibits, and have hands on activities.
:bulletgreen: #4:The ASU game: Heart Surgery
one is a game, but - the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. *sigh*
What I can I say? It's animation at it's best...and unlike all the
others I mentioned before, this one is so realistic, it will scar you.
You have to pay attention to your co-workers and the patient's  vital
signs, otherwise, you'll fail. And, just like the real OR, Failure is NOT an option
Just a warning/Tip though:1. pay attention to the vial signs. Those
die,GAME OVER 2. make the correct moves(duh), and 3. Pay attention and
follow all of your co-workers advise(they're trying to help) this game
might me stressful to some gamers, but that's just like the Real world.
you are a nervous patient , or are curious on how a real surgeon does
it's job, these four games are for you. Or, your just a freak and you
like doing stuff like that, then go for them....other than that, I'm off
to stalk the COSI website, avoid the kids,and draw Izzy x Beast while creeping around here and DeviantArt ( )

Sharing some Art done for me:
On DeviantArt, some awesome people did some pretty awesome work about my Characters and I want to acknowledge them. Why? Because they did a wicked sweet job and they deserve it.I'm going to share some of my opinions on 1-10, so be prepared. I'll do four at each watch:
Number 1:
By GothicAngelPanda on Deviantart ( ). All rights reserved. Please don't steal. So, anyways, why is this #1 on my list? Okay, to start off, this is ~GothicAngelPanda 's version of my two most famous robot and Monster Original Characters(oc) Mecha Wrendical and Creature Spantana....Let me just say that the shadows(from what she said when she submitted this) is who they are crushing on. Mecha is crushing on Gart(Like I myself) and reature(who is Bisexual, btw) is crushing on Mecha. I love the detail, shadowing, and you captured their attitude and well, completely different personalities. She did the best job, and I just Love how her style differentiates from any others I've, now on to number two.
Number 2:
by Cartoonistfromhell( ). Before I can continue, I must say that three out of the ten of these is by her, so...^^ What can I say? She's one out of my best digital cartoonist out there.So, as I was saying....haha, I can get off track. Mecha and Gart, sitting in Gart's office, playing around with the laptop cam. Go figure. .3. I just love it...there's just no way to explain how much I love this....I mean, Gart's laid back persona contrast's with Mecha's upbeat, happiness, even after her past. I could actually see this happening in the Robot and Monster show...If Dave Pressler ever tries it...maybe less people would stop being jerkwads and let the others like it... okayy.....
Number 3:

by ????*see signiture*(I can not find her. She jumped off the face of the flat earth...noes) So, yeah. I This is Izzy, her style. Izzy Robot's daughter(invention)....and...yeah. Just captured her entire style and everything perfectly that I'm just, speechless...I know wow is repetitive, but just...I'm so awestruck about how awesome that is that I can barely even respond.
Number 4:

Cartoonistfromhell if I'm not mistaken....Possibly one of the best comics I've seen in a while...that were wordless and not in color...I still like it though. It has a certain 'Piazzas'
New Story:
The Blinking Lights Annual Dance-Izzy and Beast Pairing
Note: Beast belongs to
"kay! I'll be there in a second!" Izzy called back to Kyle, as she looked at her figure in the mirror. Kyle had, once again, convinced her to wear a dress to the Blinking Lights Ball. It was pretty, a bright golden yellow at the top, and a sky blue on the bottom that hid her flats, which were black. Izzy sighed, and pulled her hair and wires up into a loose bun. She severly hated dresses, but loved her Kyle. She sighed, she loved him, yet, felt something was missing from her life. Something...She shrugged and walked out. Kyle whisled, and walked up to her in a metallic grey suit,
"Hey stranger..." she smiled, and nussled him,
"Hey stranger..." she chuckled and kissed him. Kyle smiled, and put his arm around her waist, as they walked around. Izzy blushed, even though she felt something was missing. Beast and Kait were sitting by the refreshment table, talking lightly. The lovely couple were both dressed in a rich, melty brown.Izzy smiled at the sight of Beast. She had a slight crush on him, before even his relationship with kait, and her's with Kyle. She smiled at the time he and she were in art class, doing clay sculptures, and he kissed her cheek...
It was fourth period, and both Izzy and Beast were in art class. The pink skinned organic smiled, and tapped her ruler on the desk,
"Alright kids, pick your partner, and get to work on your sculptures!" she said in a happy, sing song-ish voice before she got to work on her beads. Everyone crowded around Izzy, asking if they could work with her. Everyone...but Beast. Beast had already gotten a few pounds of clay out and was working with it. He was going to make...something. Even though he didn't know what, he was going to make something, with or without anyone. Gadget had Inventing 101 during this period, and rumors had it that Robot and Mecha were teaching it today, because the teacher got electrocuted by a electric saw. Izzy looked over to Beast, and shoved everyone out of her way,
"H-hey...c-can I work with you?" Beast looked at Izzy, and frowned,
"Um..." Izzy looked at the sculpture, and smiled,
"Looks pretty good so far, what are you making?" She sat down beside him. He looked at her,
"I didn't agree to a partnership..." Izzy smiled sweetly, making him melt inside,
"I know, I was just curious..." Beast looked at Izzy kindly. She was really nice, and creative...he loved how she sparked during Theater and gym...even when the unit of hornica came up. She cheered him on, just calling him Mr. Future-hornica-star because she didn't know his name. He loved her laid back appearance, which contrasted her own personality. He loved...her? Izzy smiled,
"It kinda looks like a heart, in my opinion...but you do need to shape it more..." She tilted her head,"were you trying to make a heart?" He nodded. Even though he wasn't really, he just needed an A in Art class,
"Uhmm, sure...but how?" Izzy got behind him, and began to shape the heart into a better shape. Beast closed his eyes and smiled, not realizing that he was nuzzling her. She blushed, and nuzzled him slightly,
"Hehe, um...So, all you need to do is put it in the Kiln, let it dry, and I'll help you carve out the...h-hear-" She looked at Beast, who had his eyes closed, then took her arms away,"I-uh-I have to go..." He quickly opened his eyes, and before he could respond, she was out the door and ran quickly into the Inventing 101 class,"M-mommy!" She cried. Mecha looked up from her desk, and Robot looked at her from the wipeboard,
"Yes hon?" Izzy ran over to her and hugged her, snuggling into her chest and abdomen. Mecha began to stroke Izzy's hair,"Carry on with the test, people...she's just my daughter..." Robot looked at Mecha,
" Our daughter..." Mecha nodded,
"Aww sweetie, what's wrong?" Izzy teared up and looked up at her mother,
"I-I think I like like someone...but...but it's too early..I mean, after what Crikey did..."she whispered. Mecha held Izzy as Gadget came up,
"What's wrong with Izzy, Mecha?" Mecha looked at Gadget,
"Please call me Mrs. DeFault while in school...and, it's family issues hon..." Gadget sighed, and went back to her blueprints. Beast inched into the classroom,
"H-hey Izzy, I-I need some h-help with m-m-I mean our, project..." Izzy sniffled, and looked at Beast,
"O-Okay...I just...I just don't know if I can help..." Mecha hugged her daughter tightly,
"Go get 'em tiger..." she said jokingly as Izzy went back into the art room with Beast. She sat down, and began to sketch. Beast leaned over, and kissed her cheek lightly, then began to carve into the heart. Izzy blushed, and looked at the heart. About three weeks later, he gave her the heart...and another kiss...

Izzy snapped out of the flashback, and smiled, looking at Beast and smiling about the clay heart in her room,
"Hey beast!"Beast turned around, and Izzy melted at the sight of his smile. He was different, but she didn't care,
"Woah Izzy..." Izzy frowned. Was something wrong? She got out of Kyle's graspt and looked in a window. Beast looked alarmed, and came up to Izzy,"your beautiful..." Izzy blushed at those words, and looked at Beast. She and him accidentally locked eyes, and they both blushed. Kyle and Kait stared at the two, angered and not amused,
"Come on Iz, let's...let's go dance..." Izzy turned away from Beast's beautiful dark black eyes, and looked at Kyle,
"I'm not very good at dancing..." Beast looked at Izzy longingly,
"I-I could teach you Iz..."Kyle glared at beast with jealousy,
"Don't you think her boyfriend should teac-" he was cut off by Izzy,
"O-Okay Beast...I...yeah..." She took Beast's hand as he led her off to the balcony. Kyle growled in jealousy,
"I'm going to the bathroom...if something happens..." Kait looked at her brother,
"Which it won't..."
"IF something happens, tell me..." Kait sighed, and watched as her brother sprinted to the bathroom. Today was going to be a long day....
"Your a great dancer Iz....what made you think you weren't?" Izzy blushed at Beast's comment, hand in hand with him. He looked into her eyes as the moon shined down onto his sky blue skin and her orange metal,"Hey Iz, can I ask you something?"She looked at him, blushing,
"Sure, what is it Beast?" He looked nervous,
"C-Can I kiss you?"

What do you think will happen? Find out later(or eventually...)

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